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Dr. Barry Plummer, Honorary Research Fellow at Trinity, St. David's, University Wales,  is an art historian, lecturer and committed all-weather contemporary impressionist painter. His  last 'proper job', as he describes it, ended in 1992 when he gave up a career as a training adviser to the Construction industry Training Board to embark on a journey of artistic discovery. The journey took him from a degree in visual art to study as a post-graduate history of art student at the Courtauld Institute, London. In 2006 he was awarded a PhD by the University of Wales, for his dissertation on the Swansea - born artist Evan Walters. He was the recipient of the Studentship Award from the Friends of the National Museum and Galleries of Wales, Cardiff in 2001, to further his research  on Evan Walters.

     He has worked at various levels in art education having been a craft instructor to handicapped children and adults, and art history lecturer at Swansea College, Trinity College , Carmarthen, DACE, Swansea University and Swansea Metropolitan University. In 2007 he founded The Art History Forum, a small scale organization devoted to encouraging the teaching of the history of  art to mature students.

     In 2005 he was a contributor to the book Drawn from Wales: A History of the Swansea School of Art ( Editor: Kirstine Dunthorne), and he is currently writing a biography, The Essence of the Eye; The Life and Work of Evan Walters. In 2008 he was elected as Chair of the Friends of the Glynn Vivian , Swansea and in 2009 he was organizer of The Sir Leslie Joseph Young Artist Award that is held at the gallery.

     In the autumn of 2010 Barry acted as an advisor on Evan Walters for the BBC Wales production Framing Wales presented by Dr. Kim Howells. He also appeared in the progamme to discuss the work of Walters. In 2012 Evan Walters was the subject of an art programme for BBC Wales.  Barry appeared in the film and was principle advisor.

      He has two principal artistic aims for the future, namely to bring the work of Welsh artists to the notice of a wider public and to, as he describes it, to 'wrestle with the demons of painting'.

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Barry Plummer would be pleased to give talks about Evan Walters and the making of Moments of Vision.

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